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Our "Know Your Next Step" readiness sessions equip businesses with essential knowledge, strategies, and route-to-market roadmaps to navigate the industry effectively.


Additionally, join Weekly Webinars hosted with Industry Leaders during: Mental Health Mondays, Take Me to The Market Tuesdays, Back-Office Buildouts Wednesdays, Finance Fridays


Throughout the cohort, participants can learn about the benchmarks of engagement from public sector leaders as they direct you to resources made for small business owners and the resources available to execute your roadmap from the leading organizations with the tools tailored to accelerate your next step. Graduate this program and receive our Better Business Better Trades certifications to show public and private sector leaders you're ready to take on their initiatives and/or service request! 


Session Topics:

  • About 3rd Parties

  • Back- Office Buildouts

  • Bulk vs Further Prepared

  • Know Your Pitch

  • Product Marketing

  • SBE Support Pathways

  • Stay on Shelf

  • Tier l & Tier ll Supplier Pathways

    Weekly Webinars hosted with Industry Leaders 


Mental Health Pathways: Break Free of Mental Roadblocks

Finding out your product or service has to pivot due to recently discovered regulatory requirements can be devastating, creating mental roadblocks and setbacks fulfilling promised orders. Process your frustrations, know you're not the first and remove the mental roadblocks that hinder you from achieving your next step with a licensed therapist.



Take Me to The Market:

So you finally know what you bring to the market but are missing key requirements or partners to enter the market and stay there! From 3PL support and manufactures, to first stock images and commercial marketing, meet the organizations that can help put you on the path of success!


Back-office Buildouts: Tools and Resources to Scale Your Operations

You may not have a large team, but your small business still needs tools and resources to operate on a large scale. This webinar is tailored for small businesses like yours! Attend webinars with leaders who develop your dashboards and CRM, get access to vital data analytics reports that are up-to-date, and discover HR and accounting tools that simplify operations.



Finance Fridays: Access to Capital is the whole point of your business right?

Sticking with our theme that it takes capital to accomplish most next steps during your journey to the market, meet the learn about the programs available to small businesses like yours from Business Banking Consultants, Government Agency experts, Micro-Lenders and other financial organizations that provide and/or education on: 


  • Leverage Net Payment Terms-The Cashflow Benefits

  • Shopping your Letters of Intent- Pre-Production Expenses

  • Purchase Order Financing-Find the funds you need to fulfill your Purchase Order Request

  • SBA, USDA Grants and Micro-lenders Programs and Initiatives: Do you qualify and if so, how to apply.

  • Build Working Capital for in-store & external promotions: Takes marketing to bring attention to your product, build your financial plan to drive foot-traffic.

  • Fundraisers: Meet organizations that love to brag about companies that need investments

  • Commodity Trading and Bonds: The economic impact value of purchasing your raw materials

       and MORE!

Onboarding Week: Roadmapping
Why Knowing Your Next Step is Important and Where to Start?

Knowing your route to market through the lens of a roadmap not only allows you to visualize the road you're on, but all the navigation tools and resources along the way. It helps you both map-out and discover ecosystem partners required to scale. It also allows you to better predict the required capital to accomplish each step for internal and external acceleration in a post-pandemic market.


Before the pandemic, scaling was hard enough; now more than ever, small business owners are generally short on time and funds, meaning every minute counts and every dollar needs a clear ROI! They know their product or service well and the benefits it adds to the market. But the route to market often comes with frustrating roadblocks in addition to unexpected costs. 


Owners are well-versed in the advantages their offerings brings to the market. However, the path to market frequently involves not just unforeseen expenses but also exasperating obstacles. Using a roadmap allows for clear communication and directives to your team members, as well as a better understanding when communicating with stakeholders, such as access to capital partners, buyers, and other stakeholders to whom your product or service is being made available. It also improves cost forecasting, creates budgets, finds ways to avoid taking unneeded paths that result in bottlenecks, and removes roadblocks that keep small business owners from growing their offerings after the bottleneck has passed.

Onboarding Week Executions: 

After you complete registration, you will receive a link to attend our March 4th Orientation Roadshow and onboarding webinar. Classes Start March 11th at 10am EST!

During this online information session, hear from suppliers and organizations that utilize Yack Shack to accelerate and/or connect next steps. Participants will also review why each session is beneficial and how it accelerates their small business's route to market. 

During our review, let's breakdown what are your bottlenecks & roadblocks? Who are your ecosystem partners? Where's the capital coming from? And awareness campaigns that help alert internal/external stakeholders that you reach your route market and promote to consumers the availability of your product or service! 

We'll walk through the following:

Troubleshoot Roadblocks and Bottlenecks:

Let's start talking about common roadblocks by asking important questions such as, "What are the biggest daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly hurdles you're currently facing?"


Who has your back?:

Every driver needs a good road buddy! It's time to review your ecosystem partners (road buddies). From your banker, broker, and manufacture to your small business development agencies and organizations, ecosystem partners are organizations/individuals that help your business grow or connect in local entrepreneurial development markets. Let's map-out your current ecosystem and discover the additional ideal road buddies you'll need along your journey.


Where's the Capital?:

Let's talk funds! Your consultants and partners can give great advice on ideas and deliverables to scale your business, but you still need to know where's the capital coming from to accomplish each idea or deliverable. From purchase order financing to fundraising rounds, it's time to dive into how to access the working capital your organization needs to scale.


Who needs to know and how? Campaign Awareness: 

Time to ideate your plan to alert your staff, partners, consumers, brand partners, and promotional advertising partners that your organization is ready to scale and discover the call to action you’ll want them to follow.

After completion of the orientation and onboarding webinar, you will receive your virtual links to join each class sessions, optional office hours, along with the homework assignments to help navigate and execute your roadmap. 



Week 1 Session Link: Know Your Pitch

Group Office Hour Session Link: Learn about the importance of Brokers

Homework: Review your pitch deck, add or update key points discussed in in class and knowledge gained during office hour.

1-on-1 Office Hours: Book your 1-on-1 coaching session to review your new deck.


Week 2 Session Link: Back-office Buildouts

Office Hour Session: Learn about the tools and resources available to accelerate your back-office operations

Homework: Now that you are aware of the tools and resources at your disposal, decide on a timeline for when to use them. Consider how using tools and resources will affect your return on investment, including additional time, consumer spending, or working capital.

1-on-1 Office Hour: Book your 1-on-1 coaching session to review your new deck.


Additional weeks listed in onboarding email and dashboard!

                                 You're Ready for Class!

After completion of the orientation and onboarding webinar, you will receive your virtual links to join each class sessions, optional office hours, along with the homework assignments to help navigate and execute your roadmap. 

                                                              WEEK 1: Know Your Pitch! 

Class: Knowing your pitch is essential to driving home why your buyer or service agreement provider should request your product or service. During the session, we'll review the key points your stakeholder needs to know. 

Office Hour: Now that we've reviewed the clear benefits of your product or service being available in the market, how will it get there, and what is the benefit of adding support? During our office hour, opt-in to hear from leading experts that help communicate to buyers the availability of your product or, if you're a service-based skill professional, your client's product. 

How helpful is a quality grocery retail broker?

They're not always required, but it's important to know about the option to select a broker!

Pitching your product is one thing, but getting it on the shelf according to each anchor retailer’s regulatory + company requirements takes knowledge beyond knowing if a product tastes or looks good.

Can they speak the buyer’s language? 


Each buying department has variations of standards and procedures. No one broker desk can seamlessly cover all.

 Do you have the broker that knows your particular product? 


How can you know same week an issue that’s happening in a store, division, or region? Using your broker solves that roadblock. One store issue over a small amount of time can cost you more than your profit. 


Gain the knowledge required to select a broker that knows the accurate information from the desk.

Week 2: Back-Office Buildouts 

Class: Legal and accounting products & services, business plans, and campaigns are important to keep your operations up-to-date on best practices. Yet, knowing how to build your back office based on data, along with the assistance of products, services, and campaigns, can save time and funds. During the session, we'll review how building your route to market based on data saves on future time and essential research and development spending. 

Office Hour: Register to unlock

Register to view the session breakdown of our additional weeks!

Week 1: Know Your Pitch! 

Week 2: Back-Office Buildouts

Week 3: About 3rd Parties

Week 4: Small Business Enterprises Support Pathways: Public Sector Programs and Corporate Initiatives meant for you!

Week 5: Product and Service Marketing

Week 6: Tier l & Tier ll Supplier Pathways

Week 7: Bulk Vs Further Prepared

Week 8: Stay on Shelf

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