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About Us

Our virtual & in-person Regional Supplier Readiness Resource Centers, strategically services key cities: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Baltimore/DMV, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City, serving as entrepreneurial development and infrastructure zones for supplier readiness and resource connectivity. 

Supply Chain, Supply Chain, Supply Chain!

From 2021 to 2023, Yack Shack partners and affiliates conducted a nationwide tour across the United States, engaging with small business owners and a diverse array of public and private sector stakeholders. Our interactions spanned industries such as agribusiness, commercial marketing, community affairs, economic and business development, education, finance, legislative matters, operations, regulatory compliance, retail, supply chain, and technological services.


Understanding Stakeholder Needs

The primary objective of this tour was to identify the benchmarks stakeholders require businesses to meet and the ecosystems that enable a business owner to fulfill these benchmarks. We sought to understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by small businesses and the broader stakeholders involved in shaping the economic landscape.


Establishing Access Points for Growth

The end goal of this extensive engagement was to select key cities suitable for hosting access points known as Regional Supplier Readiness Resource Centers (RSRRCs) and Regional Media Resource Centers. These centers serve as vital hubs for small businesses, offering access to resources, education, and networking opportunities essential for growth and success.


Benefits for Retailers and Public Sector Stakeholders

For retailers and public sector stakeholders, these centers provide valuable access to domestic suppliers, creatives to boost supplier's brand marketing capabilities, and additional service-based skill professionals that help make various operations work. By incorporating their initiatives into these centers, ecosystem stakeholders can effectively reach various impact goals, fostering collaboration and innovation within the community. Moreover, they offer early education opportunities for their suppliers & service-based skill providers to align with regulatory requirements and industry best practices. 

Know Your Next Step Accelerations

 Available at Supplier and Media Centers

Our "Know Your Next Step" readiness programs, coaching, think tank sessions & guidance coaching programs  topics equips businesses with essential knowledge and strategies to navigate the industry effectively. From understanding third-party dynamics to optimizing product marketing, our coaching covers a range of topics vital for success in retail supply chain industries. 

Regional Supplier Readiness Resource Centers

Our Regional Supplier Readiness Resource Centers, strategically services Atlanta, Cincinnati, Baltimore/DMV, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City, serve as the first entrepreneurial development and infrastructure zones for supplier readiness and resource connectivity. Here, we offer access to capital partners, educational programs, and readiness initiatives to help suppliers scale and thrive in the evolving market landscape. Small business owners can book a think tank or coaching session to breakthrough a bottleneck or source our Small Business Resource Pantry to find a product or service that eliminates a roadblock.

Regional Media Resource Centers

For creatives operating independent service-based small businesses, our Regional Media Resource Centers offer invaluable support and networking opportunities. We empower creatives to set their own rates and contracts, connecting them directly with clients who share their vision.

Adding the Media Resource Centers enables Yack Shack to source the skills required to execute brand owners/suppliers' needs at affordable rates. This not only saves suppliers on operational costs but also on promotional advertising expenses. 


Enhancing Cost Efficiency and Promotional Effectiveness

Enhancing education regarding best practices, connectivity to access to capital partners, and cutting costs on vital resources frees up working capital for digital and in-store promotional initiatives within the retail sector. This includes utilizing scanned coupons, rebates, and promotional display programs. Embracing this approach opens avenues to expand scanned movement endeavors, allowing brand owners to advertise externally to drive customers to shop their online platforms and brick-and-mortar stores, as well as those of affiliated retailers.


Darshae Spells

Co-Founder & CEO of Yack Shack Media 

Darshae Spells, artist and entrepreneur, embodies an entrepreneurial spirit that ignited his photography career and led to him opening his first photography studio at 19. His journey revolves around storytelling, community empowerment, and advocacy. As a 4th generation surviving descendant of the Carrier family from the historic Rosewood Massacre in 1923,  he honored this legacy through receiving the Rosewood Family Scholarship during matriculation. He graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Health Science from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in 2023. With over 300 clients and collaborations served, he co-founded Yack Shack Media under Michael Jett, Founder of Yack Shack's Regional Supplier Readiness Resource Centers. Darshae is committed to helping individuals and organizations scale according to their strategy by providing accessible media services. 


Our Mission

Your'e in business to make we aim to create entrepreneurial development and infrastructure zones for small businesses, offering access to resources, education, and networking opportunities essential for growth and success.


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