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Creative Opportunties 

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Yack About Us Ambassador Program

  • Earn 10% on referral checkouts 

  • Get one $21.99 rental per month


Yack Shack Pick-A-Shift Program 

  • Sign up for our production call-sheet for in-house productions.

  •  Payout rates for these sessions range from $75 to $450

  • Expand your skill set and gain experience in various areas of your craft 


Local Creative Road Buddy Program 

  • Sign Up quarterly for $325 or yearly for $1500

  • Bid on jobs from suppliers and brands Yack Shack Services 

  •  Be promoted by Yack Shack in our Resource Pantry starting in April 

  • Get 4 free studio rentals a quarter 

  • Get 10 studio rentals at $21.99

  • ShootNow PayLater Benefits 

  • And More! 

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