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12-Month Supplier Readiness Advantage Plan Benefits 

Accelerate your year with a Roadmap and Credits of 24 coaching sessions*, 2 hours of back-office task coverage a week, 12 Wildcards*, discount on all Yack Shack services and more!

Customers that sign up for our plan receive 2 thirty-minute complimentary coaching sessions per month for 12 months, 2 complimentary hours of back-office task coverage a week for the first 4 weeks of their membership. One complimentary wild card hour per month. Additional coaching, back-office task coverage, and wild cards can be requested, Ask your local Resource Coordinator for details. 


For Suppliers:


  • Access to Capital Partners

  • Back Office Support: Administrative & Task Assistance

  • Data Analytic Partners

  • Discounted Coaching & Resource Center services

  • Entrepreneurial Development Ecosystem Partners

  • Matchmaking: Meet our Partners or affiliates benchmarks of engagement, we can connect you. 

  • Monthly Complimentary Coaching: 2 Per Month

  • Product Lifecycle Reviews

  • Bid Fulfillment Readiness Programs: Suppliers accepted into Tier l & ll service agreement cohorts can learn how to fulfill an active bid request or service agreement.

  • Weekly Live Webinars from Industry Leaders- Mental Health Mondays, Back-Office Wednesdays, Finance Fridays 


*Wildcard Requests:

Utilizing wild cards allows founders to attend their upcoming meetings with supply chain or public/private sector stakeholders with a subject matter expert serving as their advocate. Request an advocate (respective of your industry) to participate in key meetings or group working sessions to provide insight and clarity on best practices according to their desk. Then book a complimentary 30-minute touch-base to walk through your key post-meeting questions and/or talking points the mentee wishes to inquire about to achieve the next required steps!


Take Advantage of Instant Bonus Points!!

Earn 3,600 Points when you sign up by Feb 28th! Customers that sign up for our Supplier Readiness Advantage Plan can begin using points to pay for Yack Shack Services March 4th! Plus, book a personalized Campaign Awareness Video to alert the market about your product or service at no charge! 


Road Buddy Points

Earn complimentary services as you scale!

When a supplier reaches their destination, we all win! That's why Yack Shack rewards suppliers growth in the market by offering reward points to utilize Yack Shack as your route to market Road Buddy as you accomplish navigating your route to market. 


Ex: Per 100 New Cases Shipped= Earn 20 Road Buddy points

       Per New Service Contract= Earn 50 Road Buddy points

       Per New Service Division = 500 Road Buddy points 

       Per Product Launch= 800 Road Buddy points

       Per Access to Capital Accomplishment of 50K = 1000 Road Buddy points

       And More! 


Road Buddy Spend Value

Wild Card

1-Hour = 200 Road Buddy Points

Readiness Programs

8-Week = 5,000

8-Month = 50,000


30-Min = 50 Road Buddies points

1-Hour = 100 Road Buddies points


Ideation = 120

Execution = 300

and more!

Back-Office Support

Pitch Deck= 1000

Virtual Assistant 2-Hour= 500 

Marketing= Services and points vary per region. Ask your local Resource Coordinator for details.

And more!

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